Frieze New York

The Project 88 booth invites viewers to journey towards an open horizon through works that invoke early analogue tools and techniques to stake out a newer territory that lies between measurement and metaphor.

Rohini Devasher focuses on how hidden patterns in nature produce a diversity of form. Informed by printing techniques that employ the process of repetition, these works investigate the space between the mathematical and organic, order and chaos.

Wasif Munem’s cyanotypes return our attention to seeds and soil. He investigates hidden agricultural histories of his home, Bangladesh, and his people in each seed as he registers the dust and texture that attaches to each kernel.

Prajakta Potnis’ photographic series, shot inside a refrigerator, literally explores the idea of freezing time to draw attention towards the sterility of capsuled zones and transit spaces within cities.

Hemali Bhuta’s droppings on paper employ old-fashioned print and paper making techniques to parallel and subsequently challenge the static nature of formal linguistic structures.

In Amitesh Shrivastava’s oil painting, thick brushstrokes blur boundaries between forms and landscapes, commenting on the obsoleteness of arbitrary political divides.

Sandeep Mukherjee deploys the traditional painting process, through the lenses of physics and chemistry, to consider the idea of movement in the contemporary world.

Neha Choksi’s archival pigment prints explore time through the movement and natural power of the sun. Each photograph is burnt for a duration that corresponds to the magnitude of the solar rays being captured.