Huma Mulji

Mulji's work traverses the edge between fact and fiction. She works with sculpture, photography, drawing, and painting, creating surreal juxtapositions of 'things' which are attentive to the absurd, within the context of contemporary urban life, often that of the 'everyday'. These include questioning ideas of 'certainty', and 'truth', through the use of digital imaging, reanimating objects through taxidermy, or creating clumsy, hybrid objects. Her works broadly address notions of failure, neglect, the forgotten, the lost, or the dysfunctional. These play out ironically, or sometimes comically, in her works, from addressing opaque borders, to perceptions of ageing and isolation, urban expansion and its related follies, and dust and geckos, as chronic domestic threats. The often awkward and scruffy artworks imbue an anti-heroism as a resistance to current cult of precision, and unrelenting focus on stardom and celebrity. Mulji's primary catalyst continues to be her environment, the city in flux, betraying collisions of time, space, image and taste, reflected in the conflicting narratives created through contemporary objects, materials, and processes. Mulji was the recipient of the Abraaj Art Prize in 2013. She currently resides and works in Lahore.