Break the Mould: Why, unlike in other megacities, one is a creature of habit and limited imagination in Delhi

Posted On:Sunday, November 22nd, 2020 | by project88blogadmin

The pandemic has brought public life to an unprecedented standstill. An artist reimagines and re-examines form and functionality in the cities which nurture us


Infinity in multitudes: Anti-CAA/NRC protest at Shaheen Bagh earlier this year. (Source: Express Archives)

By Monica Narula

Sometimes, I go cycling with a 13-year-old. The roads are uneven but empty these days, especially if we manage to get out early enough. Will the scent of the shaitaan bloom be able to pierce our masks? It’s coming to that time of the year. The trees are green and we are able to feel the gentle slide of the seasons. Our cycling path remains meandering as we have no special place to head towards. Delhi, unlike other cities, does not have a spot from which to soak in the plenitude of life — unlike Istanbul, Kolkata or London with a sea to look at or a bridge view to see a living river. You are always finite in Delhi. Probably the reason why people seem so troubled by the monsoon, as, for those few days, the disruption feels large and beyond our everyday.

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