Anupam Roy$ART18188233

Reflecting Roy’s long-term engagement with grassroot movements, the exhibition features works that expand the dialogue surrounding art and activism through a careful deliberation of socio-political and phenomenological conceptions of land.

Roy’s body of work addresses both, the material exploitation of land, as well as the more intangible yet oppressive bureaucratisation, legislation, and politicisation associated with its ownership. His sketches, paintings, banners, and prints juxtapose materials and referents that are specific to his subject with what he considers “anti-referential” elements. Through this endeavour, Roy confronts the impossibility of objectively representing the complexities that surround the perception, delineation, and function of land given the contradictions and tautologies that govern its allocation and usage. Land is perceived ultimately as a space that lends itself towards subjective interpretation and engagement based on one’s own socio economic affinity and identity. For Roy, recognising such contrary and idiosyncratic perspectives helps dismantle hegemonic land discourses.