ART TALKS: Munem Wasif and Natasha Ginwala

Posted On:Thursday, November 10th, 2022 | by project88newsadmin


10 November 2022

5:45 pm at Project 88

Join us for a conversation between Munem Wasif and Natasha Ginwala, as they discuss Wasif’s solo exhibition Kromosho (ক্রমশ), or “step by step” in Bengali. ‘Kromosho’ (ক্রমশ) encapsulates an oeuvre developed over two decades in close association with Old Dhaka, the people and living infrastructures inhabiting it.

Together, they will exchange views around how the artist’s gaze has evolved, chronicling fiction and fact over time with fundamental transformations in both medium and subject. Traversing a range of recent works, Wasif attunes to unravelling vantage points, protagonists, and ambient idiosyncrasies.

This conversational walkthrough will be followed by our exhibition preview.