Harper’s Bazar Arabia: Ishara Art Foundation To Launch ‘Every Soiled Page’ Exhibition

Posted On:Sunday, September 13th, 2020 | by project88newsadmin

By Katinka Haugnaess

The exhibition is home to artworks curated from the Prabhakar collection, depicting our relationship with reading and remembering as collective acts of resistance

Located in Alserkal Avenue, the Ishara Art Foundation is the first permanent space dedicated to South Asian art in the Gulf region.

Ishara Art Foundation To Launch 'Every Soiled Page' Exhibition

The non-profit organisation’s upcoming exhibition, titled ‘Every Soiled Page,’ opens September 19 and will run until December 19. The featured artworks are curated from the Prabhakar collection, where the title is inspired from a verse by Faiz Ahmed Faiz written in c.1953, during his imprisonment in Montgomery Central Jail in Pakistan.

Curated by Sabih Ahmed, the exhibition is set to feature works by artists Anju Dodiya, Astha Butail, Neha Choksi, Praneet Soi, Sunil Padwal and Inder Salim, expanding the exhibition into a space of readings, recitals, inscriptions and annotations.

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