“Its possible because its possible”: Raqs Media Collective at Fundacion Proa, Buenos Aires

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Raqs Media Collective
Its possible because its possible
Fundacion Proa, Buenos Aires
26 Sep 2015 – 01 Nov 2015


From September 26 to November 1, 2015, FundaciĆ³n Proa presents its possible because it is possible the collective Raqs Media Collective, formed by artists Jeebesh Bagchi (1966), Monica Narula (1969) and Shuddhabrata Sengupta (1968). Raqs has focused its work in recent years towards a multidisciplinary approach, combining elements of research, installation and multimedia production. Their “projects” explore multiple concepts such as globalization, the economy, politics, literature and authoritarianism. Artists are defined as “philosophical agents provocateurs” and a “laboratory of thought.”

The exhibition its possible because it is possible is the result of collaboration between the museum of Contemporary Art University of Mexico (MUAC), the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in Madrid (CA2M) and Proa Foundation. Institutions that share the effort and enthusiasm of light the situation of art and contemporary thought. The exhibition was curated by Ferran Barenblit and Cuauhtemoc Medina, who have selected a representative set of works that respond to the need for collective Raqs Media Collective to propose questions that expand the possibilities of artistic practice, criticism and creation. How do we experience the sensation of time in a productive world? How do we distribute our life in relation to this time? How do we imagine the future? How is managed our life and to what extent can alter the everyday and political logics that this is presented to us? It is possible because it is possible to raise these and other reflections from the emergency Raqs called “political contemplation”, always wondering what personal and social spheres belongs contemporary and how to act on them from creating new meanings.

Raqs shows that artistic practice is in constant evolution and change is a constant. This thought makes a vague collective work and fresh poetic, adapting to the different media according to the conceptual requirements of the work. His works cross the philosophical speculation, research and theory-often in the form of installations, objects, performance, and multimedia-preventing criticism always confused with impotence, analyzing the past as if it were not a closed story and Closed, considering the present and imagining the future through a triumphant momentum that defies logic and tells us that the thinkable (and therefore possible) is feasible.

It is possible because it is possible is a unique opportunity to appreciate some thematic, philosophical and conceptual themes that mark the discussion of contemporary artistic thinking.

A comprehensive exhibition catalog, bibliographic documentation, archival material and several parallel activities strengthen the proposal Proa Foundation.

Raqs Media Collective: its possible because it is possible