LCMF : Himali Singh Soin Performance

Posted On:Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 | by project88newsadmin

Himali Singh Soin will be participating in the LCMF online event planned with White Chapel Gallery  on 10 December: ‘Spells and Sadness’.

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Featured artwork :
“in the spirit of the fountain”
a performance at pompeii
By David Soin Tappeser and Himali Singh Soin


in the spirit of the fountain
We carry our Nagada drums along a seismic line, from a nuclear mountain in the Himalayas across the world to the volcanic remnants of Pompeii. On the way, they accumulate the tremors and mythologies of the lands they encounter. They receive the rhythms of the oceans and particles of promise in the air. They become carriers of desperation and dreams both. Inspired by the Himalayan Jagar, a ritual in which ancestors are woken up to heal their kin, we call upon the spirits of place to conjure remedies for the contemporary crisis of lost presence. At Casa Della Fontana, the House of the Large Fountain, a source of life, guided by the improvised sound of the drums, we indicate a path, channeling water and fire both. A cymbal replaces the bronze oracular disc found at the cult of Here, who presided over functions that sounded the spirits of the dead. Listening as a way of connecting to molten time. Reaching out from within the mantle. Learning how to be after. Longing for the median where matter and spirit become interpenetrable. The medium through which we retrieve a collective life-force.

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