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Shreyas Karle
Navigator Art on Paper Prize

Shreyas Karle, "The two V’s responsible for blood flow" 8 x 4 inches, Watercolor on post-card , 2010

Shreyas Karle, “The two V’s responsible for blood flow” 8 x 4 inches,
Watercolor on post-card , 2010

“Created with the purpose of enriching the importance of paper in our society, Navigator Art on Paperalso represents an incentive to creativity, culture and recognition of national and international talent.

In order to materialize this initiative, The Navigator Company created the Navigator Art on Paper Prize, an international prize that aims to support artistic creation based on paper, valuing this medium as one of the noblest supports for innovation, creativity, research and art. It is an award by nomination, open to artists from all over the world who use paper as a support for creation, whether painting, drawing, illustration, engraving, sculpture, collage or printing. At a time when the boundaries between artistic disciplines dissolve, paper can be considered as a consolidating element for the artistic exercise.

This is the first prize of its sort in Portugal and the largest internationally to value paper as support for artistic creation.

Awarded annually, the Prize begins with the nomination of the artists by an international jury composed of curators, directors of museums and institutions of national and international prestige.

Each member of the Jury nominates three artists with more than 10 years of exhibition career whose creative path – using paper as the main mean of expression – has been distinguished nationally and internationally in the last three years.

The members of the jury will analyze and discuss among themselves the portfolios of the 15 selected artists. After this process, there will be five finalists, and the same jury will choose the winning author. These finalists will make an exhibition of their works in July, at which time an official catalog of the prize will be released. From the prize money of 50,000 euros, 30,000 will be awarded to the winner and 5,000 euros to each of the remaining four finalists…”