"Noise Life": Desire Machine Collective at basis-Frankfurt

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Desire Machine Collective
Noise Life
9 October – 20 December, 2015
The artist, Sonal Jain and Mriganka Madhukaillya artists collaborating since 2004 under the name of desire machine collective. in her installations and films, the duo sets in particular deals with the political, psychological and historical effects of capitalist thinking power structures.
Through the artistic use of sound, often deconstructed image sequences and the rhythm of the images that are matched to each other aware, Jain and Madhukaillya open with their work an associative experience space. conventional narrative forms, and thus the information content are hereby greatly reduced and the apparent linkages and tensions between india and the western industrialized countries only suggests sketchy.
In the central installation noise life sound, image and storylines are hard to separate from each other. this refers to work on the same time as running processes of perception, which we delivered to our everyday experiences. psychological, political and social processes, history and now blur into a deliberately staged all-over, which combines semantic contents and subjective experience to a multi-layered structure sensation.
The noticeable within the installation superposition of sensations and sensory experiences can by recourse to deleuze and guattari as schizo-analysis are described. this term the overlapping, irrational and mentally dissociative experience of self and the surrounding world, it takes precedence over the rational, binary and categorized experiences will be given. in the context of the installation, however, this term triggers out of his psychoanalytic function and can be read as a commentary against socio-political transformation processes.
Noise Life-Desire Machine Collective at basis-Frankfurt