Sandeep Mukherjee at The Gamble House, Pasadena

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Sandeep Mukherjee
The Machine Project Field Guide to The Gamble House
The Gamble House, California
September 19th – October 5th, 2014

Welcome to The Machine Project Field Guide to The Gamble House. During the two-week AxS Curiosity Festival, our experimental tours and dances, group naps, operatic bird beaks, seances, videos, architectural lawn furniture–and a secret Swiss-Japanese fusion restaurant–transform and reveal the history and visual ideas behind the Gamble House in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Complementing those live events, our installation of contemporary paintings and sculptures by notable California artists throughout the house juxtaposes today’s artistic ideas with 1909′s architectural style. On-site, hands-on workshops offer lessons in topics ranging from soap-making to solar robotics, from Craftsman-style cat houses to basic electronics, brings the Arts and Crafts movement in parallel with today’s Maker groups.

Projects are listed in detail below, on display will be works by: Jeff Elrod, Cayetano Ferrer, , Asher Hartman, Katie Herzog, Emily Joyce, Candice Lin, Sandeep Mukherjee, Rebecca Morris, Michael O’Malley, Laura Owens, Lauralee Pope, Jennifer Rochlin, Sterling Ruby, Anna Sew Hoy, Ricky Swallow and Henry Taylor.

The Machine Project

The Machine Project

The Machine Project, Sandeep Mukherjee