Shireen Gandhy, Sree Goswami and Dadiba Pundole in conversation with Ranjit Hoskote.

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Gallery in Transition
Shireen Gandhy, Dadiba Pundole & Sree Goswami in conversation with Ranjit Hoskote

Wednesday 19th November, 2014 | 5-6:30 pm
Jehangir Nicholson Gallery, CSMVS


The evening will focus on the transformation of gallery practice, it’s contexts and directions, with special reference to the way in which some of the city’s major galleries have negotiated their activity in recent years. Each has successfully oriented their practice in various ways – Dadiba Pundole within the auction framework (Pundole’s), Shireen Gandhy(Chemould Prescott) towards the art fair circuit and Sree Goswami’s(Project 88) deep engagement with individual artists and their expanded practices.