Tejal Shah, Artist-in-Residence at RØST AIR, Norway

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Tejal Shah
Artist Residency, Seminar (Queer Ecologies) & Workshop (Site-Specific, Regenerative & Collaborative Art making)
1 – 31 August 2015
RØST AIR, Norway
About Rost:
Røst AIR is a non profit, multidisciplinary, artist in residence and artist-run association. Our main focus and interest are artistic practices in times of ecological transition, geo politics, the post human, the human-nature dichotomy, bio diversity, cultural diversity, self sufficiency, race and gender and of intersections between ecology, feminism and queer theory. They encourage local/site specific projects, process work, and inter disciplinary meetings. They are working on novel ways of navigating from one space to another and challenging ways of travelling and engaging with each other and the world of humans and non humans.
In August 2015, they are taking a group of artists to Skomvær Lighthouse for a 10-day interdisciplinary laboratory on site-specific art in nature. During the days the group will share their skills and resources, and create installations and venues that all somehow work as stages for musical and physical exploration. They will reorganize, compose, choreograph and play, with sustainable ideas and conscious presence in nature as a theme on all levels. Skomvær is a very small island at the tip of Lofoten, and it is home to Skomvær lighthouse and Røst A.i.R (Artists-In-Residence).
Tejal Shah – Artist Residency at RØST AIR, Norway