The Otolith Group at MK Gallery, UK

Posted On:Saturday, February 7th, 2015 | by project88newsadmin

The Otolith Group
The Methadone Metronome
Curated by renaro
MK Gallery, UK
1 – 28 February, 2015


Television has been constantly derided as ‘the drug of the nation’, but with the advent of watching as a commodified social-experience, do we now ironically need a form of TV as a positive drug? And could television be a space to hide from the 24/7 onslaught of productivity, perhaps even a site to learn strategies of resistance?

This programme considers the artistic usage of some narrative forms traditionally associated with the televisual: the documentary, the sitcom, the music video, the advertisement, and the act of televisual broadcast itself. The presented works form complex critiques within these established structures, and imbue knowledge, rather than extract data, using these structures to infect the viewer with knowledge about the systems of financial and cognitive capitalism.

The Otolith Group, MK Gallery