Published on 2 December 2015 in The Indian Express

Andrew Voogel’s works from the exhibition; (left) the artist - See more at:

Andrew Voogel’s works from the exhibition; (left) the artist 

“When Sita was approached by the foreman of the doll factory where she was employed, and asked to report to another factory nearby for some extra work, she saw no reason to refuse. The additional money was welcome and even though her husband was away for work, she could always entrust her daughter to the neighbour’s care for two days. However, it wasn’t just two days; it was for a lifetime. When Sita turned up at the factory the next day, along with others like her, she was herded onto boats that would take them across the ocean — the dreaded kalapani — to the other end of the world and put to work on the sugar plantations in the Caribbean.

Sita never returned to the family she left behind. Moved by her journey, her great-grandson, Andrew Ananda Voogel, has made a series of works, currently on display at Project 88 in Colaba. The show, titled “The Middle Passage”, is Los Angeles-based Voogel’s first solo exhibition in India and attempts at depicting the extreme trauma experienced by Sita and millions of others who, like her, were uprooted from their communities and cast off to fend for themselves in an alien land…”

Across the black water – Pooja Pillai

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