23 YOUNG ARTISTS YOU SHOULD KNOW – Elizabeth Kuruvilla, Preeti Zachariah, and Dhamini Ratnam

17 December, 2016 – Live Mint

Pallavi Paul

“There is no easy way to understand the phenomenon that is Indian contemporary art—and while an artist’s age may have little to do with it, it is often among the young artists, tucked away in residencies or working solo in studios, that we see conceptual analyses, experiments with procedure, innovation with material, and cultural engagement, all of which makes Indian contemporary art terribly interesting. From an artist currently in Beirut, wondering how art can produce itself, to the young man behind the Adarsh Balak phenomenon, from a woman whose artistic project includes growing vegetables, to an artist who prefers to use only natural material for her work—the men and women we introduce you to in this piece are working in wide and varied idioms. Many of these artists have not yet sold a piece of work; a few among them separate the works they sell from the art they make. Some have not yet shown in a gallery. What they do have in common is that they are all below 40, and cannot but think about the world and express it in new and exciting ways that evolve constantly…”

Hemali Bhuta, Prajakta Potnis, Rohini Devasher, Shreyas Karle, and Pallavi Paul feature on this list.

23 YOUNG ARTISTS YOU SHOULD KNOW – Elizabeth Kuruvilla, Preeti Zachariah, and Dhamini Ratnam

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