24 December, 2016 – The Hindu


If you were to dig straight from where you are to the other side of the Earth, where would you reach? What would it be like to consider that your daily commute, to think constantly of the geographical opposite of where you are? Would it change how you act, see and experience life in your own location? Project 88’s ongoing show 8688 posits Mumbai/Bombay and Los Angeles/L.A. as said geographical opposites and draws on work from both cities to look, as the show’s curator Diana Campbell-Betancourt says, “as far past ourselves as possible [so] that we can understand what makes us who we are”. The show features Neha Choksi, Sandeep Mukherjee and Shreyas Karle from the gallery’s roster and other artists originally from or based in the U.S.A., including Andrew Ananda Voogel, Kristen Mosher, Pae White, William Forsythe, David Horvitz, Lisa Oppenheim, and Teresa Burga from Peru.


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The daughter product of Galerie 88, Kolkata, Project 88 was started by Sree Goswami. The 4000 square feet gallery is housed in a century old metal printing press. The gallery supports emerging and established artists in long-term relationships to facilitate understanding and awareness of their continually evolving practices within India and internationally.
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