8 September, 2017 – The Hindu

Artist Amitesh Srivastav uses abstraction in his latest solo show.

Artist Amitesh Srivastav uses abstraction in his latest solo show.

“This is what Trespassers and Translators is to Shrivastava: an exploration of what language lacks, sometimes in moments that could change lives, at other times in moments that pass us by. “Take this ant biting you just now,” he adds, when our conversation is interrupted by an ant bite which, as we continue speaking, becomes an irritant to the skin. “When you think of this conversation next time, you’re going to think of the ant bite, and the effect it had on our conversation, on your mood.” This in-between, unspoken contextualisation, which adds layers of depth and understanding, is what Shrivastava wants to capture on his canvasses. It’s what he often finds missing when he tries to bring experiences from the town of his past and Mumbai, where he currently lives, together…”

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