14 November, 2017 – Big Art

Munem Wasif portrait by Sarker Protick.

Munem Wasif portrait by Sarker Protick

“Jomin O Joban is an eclectic series of photographs that come together to resonate the socio-political ethos of a land that has taken various shades of meaning and significance. Photographs of exposed, dug out earth are stories of border skirmishes, greed, and political gain. The interiors of a factory with predominant machine imagery bespeak the sordid poeticity that emerges from the dissonance of man-machine labour. The cyanotype photographs radiate a sense of germination which is once again inextricably linked to the land and the cultures and political economies that are built on them. This Tale of the Land, indeed, has much to offer…”


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The daughter product of Galerie 88, Kolkata, Project 88 was started by Sree Goswami. The 4000 square feet gallery is housed in a century old metal printing press. The gallery supports emerging and established artists in long-term relationships to facilitate understanding and awareness of their continually evolving practices within India and internationally.
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