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"The Third Part of the Third Measure", 2-channel video installation, 44 min, English, 2017

“The Third Part of the Third Measure”, 2-channel video installation, 44 min, English, 2017

THE THIRD PART OF THE THIRD MEASURE creates an encounter with the militant minimalism of avant-garde composer, pianist and vocalist Julius Eastman.

The 2-channel video installation focuses on what The Otolith Group describe as an “experience of watching in the key of listening”, invoking political feelings of defiance and the collective practice of movement building that participates in the global struggles against neoreactionary authoritarianism. Their work invites viewers to attend to exemplary ecstatic aesthetics of black radicalism that Eastman himself once described as “full of honor, integrity and boundless courage”. (Sharjah Biennial)

The Otolith Group is an award-winning artist-led collective and organization founded by Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun in 2002 that integrates film and video making, artists’ writing, workshops, exhibition curation, publication, and developing public platforms for the close reading of the image in contemporary society. The group‘s work is formally engaged with research-led projects exploring the legacies and potentialities of artist-led proposals around the document and the essay film, the archive, the aural and sonic medium, speculative futures, and science-fictions.

Director The Otolith Group. Director of photography Kate McDonough. Editing Simon Arazi. Music Julius Eastman. Sound design Tyler Friedman. Sound Duncan Brooker. Costumes The Otolith Group. Make-up Natailia Maus. Casting The Otolith Group. Production management Zara Truss Giles. With Dante Micheaux (speaker), Elaine Mitchener (speaker), Rolf Hind (pianist), Zubin Kanga (pianist), Eliza McCarthy (pianist), Siwan Rhys (pianist)…”


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