Art and Deal: The Unsettling of Ordinary

Posted On: Sunday, March 15th, 2020 | by project88pressadmin


The Unsettling of Ordinary

By Shruti Ramlingaiah

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“It’s a Normal Day…” by Mahesh Baliga at Project 88 recently displayed remarkable and breathtaking results of unnoticed events from everyday life. Thematically, it analyses nuances and layers of things, people and places near and dear to the artist. All these except for people, are suggestive of another artist and self which recurrently form an undercurrent of his paintings.

Baliga’s fifth solo, strikingly has evolved and developed tools and palette amid this visual disquisition on the idea of ordinary. Besides the routine of deeper psychological context, he finds sanctuary in public and touristic places like the zoo, botanical garden, and parks. Twisting and alerting us to take part in slight scientific way. How likely or hastily are we to turn these pages (of things and objects) of visual discourse under the belt of semiotical (aptly political), are left to the interpretation on part of the viewer. They certainly in any decree aren’t usual things playing a twist in between, visuals and viewer.

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