Dawn: Archival Memory

Posted On: Sunday, February 28th, 2021 | by project88pressadmin

As people grapple with an altered reality and the past year riddled with lockdowns and deaths, the group show Archival Memory curated by Malika Abbas at Gandhara Art helps to put things in perspective.

Re- (2020), Sadia Salim

Tucked away in a corner on the top floor is Risham Syed’s jolting installation ‘Texts and Contexts: Raga Sughrai’ (2021). Before entering her space, one is greeted by the sounds of a blaring Raga Sughrai sung by the artist herself.

Much like the fast-paced world of technology and media, where one’s senses and cognition is constantly pulled in different directions, Syed’s work stimulates all senses simultaneously, despite the major part of her piece being a still image of a bygone era: a photo of a vintage ’80s domestic setting. Set before this still projection on the wall, is a laptop playing random bits of seemingly political footage on a loop.

“Archival Memory” is being exhibited at Gandhara Art in Karachi from February 11 to March 11, 2021

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