DEEP TIME – Radhika Iyengar

Posted On: Sunday, December 15th, 2013 | by project88pressadmin

Published in Platform magazine, 12 December 2013

Rohini Devasher explores the unfathomable world of the stars through Deep Time, her second solo which opened on 30th November at Project 88. Three years ago, an amateur astronomer herself, Rohini went on to investigate and chronicle a constellation of hobbyists who were mesmerized by the empire of the solar system. Deep Time is a self-reflective work-in-progress that maps (geographically and metaphorically) Rohini’s understanding of the sky and the world beyond. From video to print, she has worked across a gamut of mediums. Deep Time includes a 19-minute audio compilation that documents 30 astrologers shedding light on their psychological fascination with the sky; a series of hybrid prints that captures astronomical observatories in India and a set of 12 drawings where the observers become the observed.


Deep Time