Frieze: Reconfiguring the Present: A 2020 List of Other Futures

Posted On: Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020 | by project88pressadmin

By Anthony Hawley

The films and books that kept us afloat in a calamitous year

The Otolith Group, INFINITY Minus Infinity, film still, 2019. Courtesy and copyright the artists..

Film: Infinity Minus Infinity (2020) The Otolith Group
It makes sense that trans-historical cosmic beings preside over this new film by The Otolith Group. The reckoning here is planetary in scope. Fusing dance, richly textured soundscapes, performance, animation and more, this entrancing amalgam examines the centuries of brutality that the British empire exerted on Black bodies and on the natural environment. What’s left/next? ‘What were we to become in the absence of servitude?’

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