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The representation of the Indian creative spirit at Frieze London saw numerous renowned and emerging Indian artists bring forth current visual narratives on a global platform. Held from 12th October to 16th October at The Regents ParkLondon, the fair had some of the most influential galleries from the Indian art world showcase works by the biggest contemporary artists whose visual vocabularies have enriched the ongoing discourse of Indian contemporary art, ranging from personal anecdotal compositions to cultural commentaries.


  1. Project 88, Booth G23

Project 88 showcased works by Huma Mulji, Mahesh Baliga, Risham Syed, Sandeep MukherjeeShreyas Karle, Amitesh Shrivastava, and Amol K Patil.  Each artwork dissects the transcendental nature of the spirit juxtaposed against the materiality of the corporeal body. In Sandeep Mukherjee’s Body Diagrams series the artist has charted the fluidity of his own body’s movements, placed on a two-dimensional surface. While Mukherjee’s practice is more personal and introspective, Amol K. Patil’s works view the human body as a visage of political conditions. His sculptural works are emotive symbols of the struggles of the marginalised working class, where the soil becomes a living, breathing reminder of it. Digressing from the lamentations of the human condition, the painterly aspects and details in Baliga’s works are tranquil observations of the stillness of the surroundings.

Installation View at Project 88 booth, Frieze London 2022


Sandeep Mukherjee, Body Diagram 5, Acrylic and Acrylic ink on burlap, 2020, Project 88

Mahesh Baliga, Covering, Casein on board, 2022, Project 88


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