My Mumbai, My Muse

Posted On: Monday, August 26th, 2019 | by project88pressadmin

It’s vibrant, it’s stark, it’s full of struggles and it’s the city of dreams. Through the lens of these four, Mumbai in its many hues, is all this and more.

By Sanskrita Bharadwaj

Apart from the obvious “spirit of Mumbai” reference that people like to use to describe the island city inhabited by over 20 million people, other words that are synonymous with it are struggle and hustle. Chroniclers have been fascinated with these features of the city and have tried to depict it in myriad ways. We speak to four such people who have made Mumbai their muse.

Chirodeep Chaudhuri

A photographer with close to 25 years of experience in documenting Mumbai, Chirodeep considers Mumbai his muse. Chirodeep started out as a journalist, and then, veered towards photojournalism and documentary photography. In the course of time, his assignments as a news photographer and his interest in documenting old architectural heritage buildings of Mumbai provoked him to come up with more ideas related to documenting the city.