RAQS MEDIA COLLECTIVE HAS A CAPITAL IDEA, India’s Best-Known New Media Artists Have Their First Solo Show In The City – Pronoti Datta

Posted On: Thursday, October 28th, 2010 | by project88pressadmin

Published in Times of India, 28 October 2010

RAQS - Stone age

The work of Raqs Media Collective is shown more often abroad than it is in India. All the more reason for the group’s first solo show in Mumbai, The Capital of Accumulation, to be a much-anticipated one.

The show is part of Promised City, the Goethe Institut’s multi-disciplinary arts project linking Berlin, Warsaw and Mumbai. Its centrepiece is a two-channel video installation of the same name. The title refers to Rosa Luxemburg’s critique of capitalism called The Accumulation Of Capital; and using the text as a partial framing device, the film travels through the three cities pointing out their convergences. All three are modern, globalised metropolises whose stories of progress are, at the same time, stories of the destruction capitalism has wreaked on Nature, culture, people.

Raqs Media Collective has a capital idea