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Burst, Detail, Direct block printing with mineral dye on handwoven kala cotton, with hand stitch, 95.5 x 44.5 inches, 2019. pics/Maggie Baxter and Project 88, Mumbai

Mid-Day: A dialogue with Indian crafts: Maggie Baxter

by Dhara Vora Sabhnani Contemporary Australian artist Maggie Baxter’s ongoing exhibition blurs the line between contemporary art and traditional Indian textile craft practices. What happens when a contemporary artist from Australia, who largely produces abstract work, decides to connect with …

Munem Wasif, Kheyal, (2015-2018). Image courtesy of the artist.


26 July 2019 Weeklies • so-far studios Text by Sharmini Aphrodite Grey light seeping in through a window. An old man with his eyes closed in a courtyard, a sheath of white sunlight over his body. A young girl skipping …

Prajakta Potnis

Firstpost: Committing a Dream: Chapter 4: Opening the door to Prajakta Potnis :

Gitanjali Dang and Khanabadosh curate this project — ‘Invisible Light’ — under which, so far, two themes have been introduced: Jagte Raho and Committing a Dream (Above: Prajakta Potnis, 7.10, 2019) Sylvia Plath wrote her first tragic poem when she was 14. The poem …

The Otolith Group, Santiniketan Studies (A Century Before Us II): Tapovan Study Circle, 2018, digital collage on Somerset Museum Rag paper, 34 x 51 cm. Courtesy: the artists

The Otolith Group’s O Horizon by Rahel Aima: BOMB MAGAZINE

by Rahel Aima Sep 18, 2018 In the molten golden hour, a row of Santhal tribeswomen dance in an open field. Arms interlocked, they bounce as one centipedal body to the beat of a dhol, cymbals, and a purring bamboo …

The Otolith Group, O Horizon, 2018, 4K video, color, sound, 81 minutes. Commissioned by bauhaus imaginista and coproduced with the Rubin Museum of Art and Project 88.

The Place Where India Meets the World: A New Film by the Otolith Group: FRIEZE

BY TAUSIF NOOR 26 June 2018 Presented at the Rubin Museum, New York, can art offer a way of viewing nature as an actor in its own right? We begin in a blazing world: In the opening sequence of O Horizon (2018), the …