The Daily Star: ‘Kromosho’: Munem Wasif tells Dhaka’s story

Posted On: Saturday, December 3rd, 2022 | by project88pressadmin


Photo Collage

On November 10, Project 88 inaugurated Munem Wasif’s second solo-exhibition at their gallery in Mumbai, India. The exhibition is titled “Kromosho”–‘step by step’ in Bengali–and features Wasif’s body of work, which the artiste has developed over almost two decades.

Munem Wasif’s image-based works often mix photographs with moving images, archive documents or collected paraphernalia to reveal notions of impermanence and insecurity. A major theme throughout his work, is the philosophy of leaving things open to interpretation.

The artiste’s work has been shown in exhibitions across Tokyo, France, England, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Bangladesh, and many more countries.

Wasif’s work is closely tied with Dhaka and people that inhabit it. The photographs being showcased at Project 88 tries to rediscover a variety of angles and ideas through which Wasif tries to highlight the city’s idiosyncrasies.

“Kromosho” captures the fundamental transformation of both the medium and the subject, all the while we can see the shift in the photographer’s view of the city–as it morphs into an increasingly complex and layered subject of its own.

Munem Wasif's Photography


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