The Telegraph: Mind, matter and history

Posted On: Saturday, March 14th, 2020 | by project88pressadmin

VISUAL ARTS: Arresting geometry in shades of textured gold marks Hemali Bhuta’s letterpress print

By Rita Datta


An artwork by Arpita Singh at the Birla AcademySource: Birla Academy

E rasure: Time’s sport with the mind, with inert matter and, of course, history; deletions to refine expressions; brutal excisions to re-fashion narratives of the past, like the air-brushed photograph in Kundera’s Laughter and Forgetting. Gayatri Sinha, the curator of the invitee section of Birla Academy’s recent Annual show — its 53rd — perceptively picked a theme that, fractured by interpretations and warring claims, is of critical significance at this point in the nation’s journey.

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