Time Out: Five things to do at the 2020 Yokohama Triennale

Posted On: Tuesday, July 21st, 2020 | by project88pressadmin

ニック・ケイヴ《回転する森》2016/2020 Photo: Keisuke Tanigawaニック・ケイヴ《回転する森》2016/2020 Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa

By Emma Steen

This year’s art extravaganza, titled ‘Afterglow’, features 67 artists from both Japan and overseas

The Yokohama Triennale, first held in 2001 and occurs just once every three years, is one of Japan’s biggest international art events. This year’s edition, with the title of ‘Afterglow’, marks the first time the exhibition has been organised by an artistic director from overseas. The Raqs Media Collective from Delhi was selected to curate the triennale, but the collective’s three artists chose to do things differently this time by building the event around ‘sources’ rather than a single theme.

The event spans three venues – Yokohama Museum of Art, Plot 48 and NYK Maritime Museum – and will run until October 11. Here’s how to get the most out of Yokohama Triennale – both in-person and online.

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