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Published on 16 August, 2015 in Mid-Day

Baptist Coelho, The Rose I, 2015

Baptist Coelho, The Rose I, 2015

“I used to be a graphic designer in 2006. As part of The Peace Project, I was one among many artists who were asked to respond to conflict. I was taken up by the Siachen War. My first installation, 537 Bandages, questioned the negotiation the human body has to go through in order to survive extreme terrain and weather conditions. A lot of my work revolves around conflict — whether it’s the physical form, mental space, conflict across geographies or just the human condition. One of my favourites is a photograph titled Stand at Ease, a pair of leather boots belonging to a policeman shot at London’s Battersea Park. It’s where Eric Kennigton’s memorial for 10,000 “missing presumed dead” soldiers is situated. The exhibition opens with a large installation called Air Travel, which has more than 100 bottles containing air from various places across the world, including Kabul and the tunnel that runs between North and South Korea…”

Baptist Coelho in Mid-Day