What To Expect From Dubai Art Season 2019

Posted On: Sunday, March 10th, 2019 | by project88pressadmin

BY DELARA ZAND / MAR 10 2019 / 13:24 PM

The month of March in Dubai means one thing to the art world…

Art Season is upon us in the UAE. Considering the sheer volume of events simultaneously taking place, throughout March and even beyond, we put together a reliable guide to help you navigate the season’s best events and ensure you get the most out of this celebration of regional talent.

Jameel Arts Centre

The season kicked off with the opening of three new Artist’s Rooms at Jameel Arts Centreon 7 March. The capsule shows are curated in close collaboration with the artists themselves, the first showcasing work by duo Seher Shah and Randhir Singh. Shah exhibits a three-part graphite drawing and a collaborative series of works with Randhir Shah called Studies in Form, documenting Brutalist-style buildings in four cities around the world: Tokyo, New Delhi, London and Dhaka. Their pieces examine government housing projects with portrait-like depictions of the buildings’ different facets, according to Shah. The work exists at an intersection of architecture, drawing, printmaking and photography.

The second Artist’s Room houses the work of installation artist Hemali Bhuta. Often working with recycled and repurposed materials to conceive her pieces, the works entitled Fold examine transitory spaces, across the floor of the gallery.


Installation view of Artist's Rooms, Hemali Bhuta at Jameel Arts Centre. Courtesy Jameel Arts Centre

Installation view of Artist’s Rooms, Hemali Bhuta at Jameel Arts Centre. Courtesy Jameel Arts Centre

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