Prasad Shetty & Rupali Gupte

Prasad Shetty is an urbanist based in Mumbai. He is trained as an architect and specializes in urban management. He is currently Dean and Professor at the School of Environment and Architecture (SEA) which he co-founded with other colleagues. He is also one of the founder members of the urban research collective CRIT and the Society for Environment and Architecture. His work involves research and teaching on contemporary Indian urbanism including architectural practices, studies of post-industrial landscapes, housing, archiving post liberalization developments, entrepreneurial practices and urban property. He continues to lecture across multiple institutions in India and abroad.

Rupali Gupte is an architect and urbanist based in Mumbai.  She is currently Professor at the School of Environment and Architecture ( which she co-founded with other colleagues. She is also a partner at BARD studio (, co-founder of the Urban research collective ‘Collective Research Initiatives Trust’ and the ‘Society For Environment and Architecture’. Her work crosses disciplinary boundaries and takes different forms - writings, drawings, mixed-media works, story-telling, teaching, conversations, walks, spatial interventions and curation. Her current focus is on South Asian Architecture and Urbanism with a special interest in tactical spatial practices, housing and urban form. She has taught and lectured around the world.

His recent works include: Multifarious Nows, a multimedia map of the Mumbai Mill lands shown at the exhibition Rest of Now, curated by the Raqs Media Collective at Bolzano, Italy, De-Mapping: an installation emerging from the hyper-mapping tendencies of urban study practices (supported by Khoj, Delhi); Bombay Talkies and Other Stories of Malad: a research on the land politics in the suburb of Mumbai (supported by Majlis, Mumbai). Her recent works include: Pothole City shown at Khoj, Delhi; Architectural Fictions an exhibition of drawings speculating the futures of Mumbai Chawls shown at Jugaad Urbanism, New York. They have collectively worked on Being Nicely Messy: a research on projecting future mobility of Mumbai (supported by the Audi Urban Futures Initiative); Gurgaon Glossaries: compiling the terms formed as the new city of Gurgaon settles (supported by SARAI, Delhi & the Devi Art Foundation, Mumbai Art Room and the X Biennale at Sao Paolo) Transactional Objects: an architectural sculptural installation emerging from Mumbai’s unique urban form (supported by the 56th Venice Biennale and Project 88), R and R, a library in Mankhurd, Mumbai built as a transactional space (supported  DRAFT, Khanabadosh and IFCAR), Conversations between Systems and Madness, an installation of transactional objects (supported by the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism) Design of the Shanghai Biennale Space and Ha-Bik Chun’s archive at the 11th Shanghai Biennale, Belly of the Strange: an architectural installation working with the idea of transactional capacities shown in the Exhibition In the Open and In Stealth curated by the Raqs Media Collective (supported by MACBA, Barcelona), When is Space? Conversations

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