Munem Wasif

Munem Wasif, Borges and blindness, Photography, 40 x 32 inches, 2020 

The blind live in a world that is inconvenient, an undefined world from which certain colors emerge: for me, yellow, blue (except that the blue may be green), and green (except that the green may be blue). White has disappeared, or is confused with grey. As for red, it has vanished completely. But I hope some day — -I am following a treatment — -to improve and to be able to see that great color, that color which shines in poetry, and which has so many beautiful names in many languages. 

 Think of scharlach in German, scarlet in English, escarlata in Spanish, ecarlate in French. Words that are worthy of that great color. In contrast, amarillo, yellow, sounds weak in Spanish; in English it seems more like yellow. I think that in Old Spanish it was amariello. 

— Jorge Luis Borges