Shumon, When dead ships travel 1, Print on archival rag fine art paper, 23 x 91inches, 2015 

Shumon’s works are only accidentally about the ugly side-effects of a post-industrial world in an otherwise still industrializing country. The central point in the series is the visual melancholy – expressed in sepia tonalities, blurred planes, fading corners – that industrial detritus persists in eliciting in the photographer. This crux re-emerges in a new group of Polaroid prints (2015). Almost entirely evacuated of people, the subject matter here narrows exclusively to ship parts framed as inaccessible, defunct, and immovable wrecks. Isolated at the centre of each frame, like dominant protagonists, are hulls, prows, holds, decks, and internal staircases of ships, with their mystery nonetheless preserved by the watery picture plane of the Polaroid frame. When dead ships travel (2015), a set containing pinhole panoramas, returns the artist to the central icon of the ship, now ghostly and ever more removed from access.