Artforum: Climate Changing

Posted On:Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 | by project88newsadmin

Climate Changing: On Artists, Institutions, and the Social Environment

Wexner Center of the Arts


View of Climage Changing, 2021. Raqs Media Collective, Provisions for Everybody, 2018, installation with 4k video, tapestries, gold wallpaper, and found furniture, dimensions variable, 53:11 minutes. Courtesy of the artists and Frith Street, London.

Foregrounding contemporary artists’ engagement with social issues and shaping institutions, Climate Changing raises critical questions as we face the entwined crises of systemic racism and a global health pandemic. What role do art and culture play in revealing legacies of oppression and violence? How might artists help imagine a different future? How can all of us create a real climate for change?

Shared among the multigenerational group of over 20 exhibiting artists and nine commissioned works is a use of criticism as a generative tool to reorient one’s position relative to unjust systems, structures, and effects of power—reenvisioning how these establishments and infrastructures might operate. The artists deal with a range of matters such as mass incarceration; global warming; labor, debt, and economic inequality; colonization; racism; education and democracy; and ableism. By presenting projects that span multiple themes and frameworks, the exhibition emphasizes the power of intersectionality and interdependence and encourages a collective reimagining of our social environment.

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