MOMENTS IN TIME – Shannon Tellis

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Published on 16 September in State of Art for Redbull

Baptist Coelho, "Air(Travel)", installation view, 2006-2015

Baptist Coelho, “Air(Travel)”, installation view, 2006-2015

Conflict and discord have long been a source of inspiration for artists; a place for them to paint the next chapter in a global story. By adding their own take to socio-cultural incidents, artists give people a ready platform to react to these issues.

Installation artist Baptist Coelho could be described as one of these artists. From the Siachen War to today’s cultural environment, he boasts of a body of installation work that is designed to inspire human emotion and reflection. Focusing on observations and conversations, his work showcases the often-forgotten human element of conflict.

State of Art: Moments in Time – Baptist Coelho