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Published on 7 May, 2015 in India Today


Pallavi Paul, 28
For a debutante, a show Tate Modern Gallery, London, and Khoj, Delhi, is certainly something to boast about. Pallavi Paul, a new-kid-on-the-block, started her video art career with a show titled Word. Sound. Power. at Tate Modern and Khoj, where she exhibited two of her works. Soon came her first solo show at Project 88 gallery, Delhi titled Mistaking <>For Direction Signs.

THE IDEA There’s a lot of depth that goes into creating what Paul does. “My work deals with the philosophical question of how we think about non-fiction material. I am interested in how things, events, places, people begin to look different at different points of historical and material decay and I am exploring the possible connections between the factual trace and temporal combustion,” she says. THE INSPIRATIONS Paul is deeply intrigued by the internet and “it’s gloriously turbulent user-public-audience”.

“I am also deeply influenced by the work of filmmaker Chris Marker and philosopher Jacque Ranciere,” she says. THE ACCOLADES Paul has been awarded the Inlaks Sivdasani Foundation and Charles Wallace Trust grant to be in-residence at Delfina Foundation, London. She has also been awarded fellowships by India Foundation for the Arts, Public Service Broadcasting Trust, SARAI and Khoj.

Pallavi Paul, India Today